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We scan and digitize your photos and slides.

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why you should Scan

Scanning your photos is the same as making a backup of your memories. The digital world is here to stay. It is now the future of all photo storage. So having your old photos in the same convenient format as your new photos just makes sense.

Also, because life is not perfect. Photos fade, the sunlight can erase all the detail from photos in a matter of a few short years. Moisture creeps in, even when stored in photo albums. Photos get surface damage from dust mold and mildew. Then there are the disasters that happen all too often. Fire, Flood or even earthquakes.

Share your old memories on your Facebook or send them around the world by email or look at them on your phone. You can make multiple copies and organise your new digital images in a million different way. But most of all share them. Share the memories and enjoy the good times that your photos show.

Bulk Photo Scanning

If you have a few decades of family photos lying around gathering dust and never being seen. Then we can help. Bulk scanning of photos is what you need.

We can scan and digitize hundreds and thousands of photos to USB, DVD Disk or even online archives. We use the latest Epson speciality scanning equipment to produce amazing results every time. High resolution scans mean that you can print out your photos and get great quality enlargements as well.

Find out more about our Bulk Scanning Service.

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The days of slide projector evenings with the neighbours are now a very distant memory, for many people. Instagram and Facebook are the new 'slide projectors' in this digital age.

So how do you turn all those boxes of slides into something useful today? We can help. We can scan and digitize all your slide memories. So that they can be emailed to distant relatives or shared on Facebook. Therefore those old images and memories will never have looked better!

We scan at high resolutions to ensure you get the best possible results whether you are sharing online or printing out as display items or gifts.

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Slide Scanning

If you have an unusual request or something out of the ordinary and don't know how to go about getting it scanned or digitized. Then we can help.

From large 8" x 10" Glass plate negatives to old 33mm black and white negatives to 110, 120 or 220 film. Even large oversized prints, A3 or larger! We can scan them all.

We offer expert assessment and advise with 20+ years experience in the photographic trade.

Learn more about our Custom Scanning Services Here

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So we know that most people just want to know "how much is it going to cost?" Then worry about all the other details later. So here you are a quick run down on basic scanning costings. More details about costs are available on our dedicated service pages.

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You can courier your photos to us. We can recommend the 'Pass the Parcel' courier service for quick door to door service. No need to visit the post shop!

If you wish to visit us in person to drop off your photos then please contact us to arrange a suitable time. 022 6373533


​We will normally have your order processed in 3-5 working days. Larger quantities or custom scans may take longer. Depending on the variables of those particular orders.


​If you are in New Zealand then kia-ora my friend, you can use online banking to make a direct credit to our account. Photo Scans is a website and service of PixelBOX Ltd and all payments are to be made payable to PixelBOX Ltd.

Pixelbox ltd. 38-9007 0854173-00.

You can also pay using your Visa or Master Card credit card online through our secure Swipe connection. There is a 4% surcharge for credit card transactions. Swipe is processed through a securely encrypted web page.

how much will it cost to scan my photo?

The cost of scanning will depend on the size and quantity of photos that you wish to scan. There is a minimum charge of $30 so your cost will be at least that. But for more information on price please refer to the price guide above.