Custom Scanning

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There are many formats that have been used throughout the history of photography. Not everything fits into the normal scheme of things. Photos and negatives are no different. We have the experience and knowledge to deal with them all. From Sennotype glass plates to tintypes to 120 Kodak negatives and even photos torn into little pieces. Photos stuck to the glass. Wedding photo albums rescued from a fire. We have successfully scanned them all.

If its not listed here below please contact us directly and I'm sure we will can help.

Medium Format

Negatives come in many sizes and shapes. We can scan all these different formats. Many of these are decades old some are from very old negatives. We have scanned and produce amazing quality images from negatives that were over 120 years old.

Wedding photographers often used these film formats. So we see lots of old wedding negatives. Both colour and black and white.

6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, format negatives. Colour or black and white negatives.

Glass Plates

Glass plates were mostly used in the 19th century but were still used in the early 20th century. They have amazing detial and clarity and were used a lot in astronomy photography. Portrait studios would also use these for their amazing amount of detail. We have scanned and produce amazing quality images from negatives that were over 120 years old.

LArge items

Oversized images. A3 or larger generally have to be stitched together from sectional scans. Using software we can pull together multiple scans to make one whole image which wouldn't normally fit on a flatbed scanner. The best results come from images that are flat and undamaged.

Photo Albums, delicate or carded photos

Carded Photo


Photos that have been mounted on card have to be scanned on a flatbed scanner. We use professional Epson scanners that can handle small or larger items up to A3. (larger than A3 will be stitched together; see 'Large Items' above)


Photo that have been stored in photo albums can also be scanned. Again this has to be on the flatbed scanner. This process is very slow and time consuming and is reflected in the pricing. Different types of albums present different issues such as self adhesive albums or matted albums. Please contact to discuss these as each situation is different.

Photo Album

Delicate Photo


Delicate photos that are old, have tears or creases have to be handled with care and need to be scanned individually on the flatbed scanner. Again this is a custom service and needs to be discussed and priced as a one off. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Minimum costs apply.


Deliver or drop off

You can send us your photos by courier to the address below. Or by personal drop off by arrangement.


I recommend that once you have prepared your negatives and slides for scanning. You should pack your negatives and slides into a large plastic bag and then into a sturdy box. Label the box and use a courier service that you are happy with to send those directly to us. I have used the NZ Post Courier Service and find it is very easy to use and doesn't require any account setup or invoicing.

Please send us an email or a quick call to let us know that your photos are on the way and we will make sure to look out for them.

Personal Drop Off

If you wish to arrange to drop off your photos in person. Please call us or send us an email. We can then make sure that we a suitable time available to see you and give any advise that may be needed.

You can click below to make an appointment to drop off your photos.