Slide & Negative Scanning

scan your slides and negatives

Slides were a very unique experience. Inviting the neighbours around to view images on a large projector screen from your holidays abroad was a hands down winner over the humble photograph album. But today, the projectors are all gone and the slides are sitting in boxes in draws or in the garage somewhere gathering dust. Never to be seen again.

But we can help. We have the ability to digitize all of those slides and make them useful again. You can now use your TV as your projector and show your holiday snaps to everyone! Not only you slides but also your negatives. Those stripes of small images, that you can't quite tell who is in the photo because the negatives have all look brownish and the colours reversed.

preparing your slides & Negatives

To prepare your negatives and slides for scanning please follow the guidelines below. If you have any questions or wish to discuss preparing your negatives and slides please give us a call. 022 63 73 533

  • Negatives and slides should not have any adhesives or tape on them.

  • Negatives are scanned in strips of 4, 5 or 6.

  • We do not offer selective scanning of negatives. We scan the whole strip.

  • Keep you negatives in their protective sleeves.

  • Negatives and slides should be wrapped plastic bags then in packed boxes with adequate padding for protection.

  • Negatives and slides should all be facing the same direction.

  • Slides should be stacked in groups of around 20.

  • If you require a certain sequence then please stack them in that order, front to back.

The scanning process

  • Standard resolution scans of 35mm slides and negatives are scanned at 1200dpi to produce a high resolution image that can be printed out up to postcard size.

  • High Resolution scans of 35mm slides and negatives are scanned at 2400dpi to produce a high resolution image that can be printed out up to A4 size.

  • Standard 35mm negative and slide scans have software dust removal where possible. (Kodachrome slides are not able to have dust removal.)

  • All negatives, photos, slides etc. are wiped with a soft cloth before scanning.

  • Scans are made with auto colour correction settings.

  • Additional dust and blemish removal is available at additional cost.

  • All scans are available on USB stick, DVD or Online Archive. Or a combination of those.

  • All images are provided as .jpg file format. For easy use on any computer or phone and printing.

  • Full photo restoration services for colour correction, fading, blemishes etc. are available at PixelFIX Photo Restorations Services.

price guide

Deliver or drop off

You can send us your photos by courier to the address below. Or by personal drop off by arrangement.


I recommend that once you have prepared your negatives and slides for scanning. You should pack your negatives and slides into a large plastic bag and then into a sturdy box. Label the box and use a courier service that you are happy with to send those directly to us. I have used the NZ Post Courier Service and find it is very easy to use and doesn't require any account setup or invoicing.

Please send us an email or a quick call to let us know that your photos are on the way and we will make sure to look out for them.

Personal Drop Off

If you wish to arrange to drop off your photos in person. Please call us or send us an email. We can then make sure that we a suitable time available to see you and give any advise that may be needed.

You can click below to make an appointment to drop off your photos.